Leadership is very simple, it’s one life influencing another.  As a Pastor I needed someone influencing me. My mentors were Dr. Adrian Rogers and WA Criswell. It is my desire to pass on these lessons.

Leadership influence is seen at its best in the arena of coaching. My goal is to provide you with resources that empower your calling, equip your walk and excite your wonder to live out your faith.

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Renovate One Days, Orlando FL  WaterStone Church   

                             Ron Smith and Tom Cheyney


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This year’s calendar

March 15-21 Antigua, Guatemala
June 3-12 Israel Pastors Tour and WaterStone Trip
August 3-7 Ethnos 360 Pastors, Missionaries, Bible Students Training – Camdenton, MO
2020 Coaching
FBC Inverness, FL
Renovate Regionals
February 20  WaterStone Church
   Tom Cheyney  – Hoisting the Sails While Stabilizing the Course of Change in Church Revitalization
    Ron Smith – Don’t Squat With Your Spurs On: 8 Steps to Dreaming Bigger
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