As you can see from the picture this is my most valuable ministry (obviously my wife is behind the camera). I have learned more about ministry from my marriage and my kids than I ever thought possible.

I have been married to Rana for over 20 years. We have three great, godly, solid girls. When church is tough I can go home and forgot about it all – they are my happy place.

Through the years Rana and I have helped ministers, ministers wives and their families – we have learned one valuable lesson – at the end of the day family is who supports you, loves you and encourages you.

I count my ministry by the times of blessing and fun I have with my family.

As for me, I grew up in a great Christian home in NC. Never once did I consider going into ministry even though my family was deeply involved in local church ministry.

I wanted to be a United States Marine – and I was. It was in the Marines that I received the call to ministry. From that moment it’s been a journey.

I have pastored the small dying church in a fast growing suburban area. I have pastored the large traditional church, the mega-church and the uptown West Coast Church. I have learned so much from each location. I can see why God took us on this journey. As a Pastor I can identify with many situations and areas.

It is my hope to help leaders receive what they need to have a great ministry and experience a fulfilled calling.


Thanks for reading – Ron