Stronger Service

Stronger Service

Here is a small sample of training you can offer this fall as you train leaders for a new season of serving.

(You can customize this to any area of your church)

Let’s equate our time of training to that of cellular service with our smartphones.

Benefits of smartphones and Cellular service:

1 – Communication
2 – Information
3 – Entertainment
4 – Connectivity

Drawbacks with smartphones and cellular service:

1 – Communication: Sometimes texts, posts or feeds don’t convey the
right message.
2 – Apps that don’t work
3 – Distractions as a result from entertainment
4 – Loss of Connection: dropped calls, poor coverage.

Elements of Stronger Service:

  1. Communication

We have wonderful tools that communicate to you as leaders and to families.

Stronger: As leaders we must have strong communication.

You can count on hearing from us – we need to hear from you.

  1. Information

Web access is everywhere today. Almost anywhere you go you can access information.

We must strive to be teachers of the Word. Hebrews 5:12

The same frustration you feel when an App doesn’t work is the same unspoken frustration parents/kids feel when the area doesn’t work.

  1. Entertainment

Kids still learn through play. We are always striving to create an environment where kids are not bored by the gospel.

Our role is not to be a primary entertainer, ours is to get them fully engage in the truths and applications of God’s Word.

If we believe it – know it and are convinced they will sense this and “get it.”

  1. Connectivity

Connectivity is the greatest benefit of cellular service.

Even before the smartphone we loved connecting and we loathed not being able to connect.

Here is Stronger Service:

1. We must connect.

  1. We must Develop.
  1. We must Communicate.

There is one word that will make us Stronger:


We need Stronger Service!