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Stronger Service

Stronger Service

Here is a small sample of training you can offer this fall as you train leaders for a new season of serving.

(You can customize this to any area of your church)

Let’s equate our time of training to that of cellular service with our smartphones.

Benefits of smartphones and Cellular service:

1 – Communication
2 – Information
3 – Entertainment
4 – Connectivity

Drawbacks with smartphones and cellular service:

1 – Communication: Sometimes texts, posts or feeds don’t convey the
right message.
2 – Apps that don’t work
3 – Distractions as a result from entertainment
4 – Loss of Connection: dropped calls, poor coverage.

Elements of Stronger Service:

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Bring Back Revivals

As a kid I grew up in a great Christian home. My dad served as a part-time music director and my mom taught High School girls Sunday School.  I was always at church.  I loved it.  I have great memories of church revivals and listening to my Dad sing in many southern gospel groups. I have so many memories of church revivals. Gospel singing, covered dish meals and  multiple offerings taken until enough money was raised. I, along with my family, spent many nights at numerous revivals. Read more

11 Ways To Renovate the Future of the Church

The Church has a future. This we are guaranteed of in the Scriptures. The future, however, does appear like we are not doing that good of a job sharing our faith, reaching the lost and impacting culture.  Over the past twenty years have led four turn around situations. Each one of them in a different time zone with their unique culture.  This list of 11 things are common denominators found at each location. No matter the size, denomination, beliefs, or time zone you can practice these 11 things right now and begin to see a change. Read more

Six Steps To Starting a New Work in an Existing Church

Talk about a case study in the work of renovation, Joshua following Moses is a good study. Every renovating pastor serves in the shadow of a former pastor. Unless you are a church planter, you will not be the first guy on the scene. We, like Joshua, follow the work of someone before us. From Joshua we learn timeless principles that can help us all kick-start a new work in an existing church. From the words of God to Joshua, we learn how to navigate the process of turning people around and focusing them back on their mission. Read more